Review – The Silkworm

“The whole world's writing novels, but nobody's reading them.”

Review – The Whisper Man

By Alex North - Thriller/Mystery "The devil finds work for idle hands. Bad thoughts find empty heads" Imagine your child stating they heard a whisper coming through the window. Not only that but on another night, you find them opening the door to someone talking to them through the letterbox in the door. All of …

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Book Review – All Our Secrets

By Jennifer Lane - Mystery/Crime All our secrets is set in a small town in Australia, Coongahoola with the Bagoola river running through it. The river children, that were born in the aftermath of the infamous River Picnic, start to go missing one after the other. Hundreds of believers (termed "the Bleeders") also turn …

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Bookstores and Expectations

I am a book lover that LOVES going into a bookstore, whether for old or new books, and looking for hours and hours at the titles. The thrill of the hunt (especially in secondhand bookstores) seem to be a draw for me to get me into the store. The only issue I have, at least …

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