Change is good

When you have finally finished your project and been told that you are graduating, it is the best feeling ever. Three years of part time study along with full time work and training is draining, but it is so fulfilling when you finally hold that piece of paper in your hands.

Excited pug

This graduation leaves me with more free time. More time to dedicate to myself, my family and my friends. I am able to read again! I am able to go out with my husband without having to feel guilty about my studying or lack there of. I am also able to dedicate more time to this blog.

I have been dipping my toe into the pin-up and vintage community for a while now. I love op-shopping and finding vintage clothes that actually fit me, not like the clothing in your mainstream shops.

One thing I noticed when starting to look into the community is the lack of guidance for new pin-ups and vintage enthusiasts in the form of a magazine or content that I would want to see.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of amazing bloggers, vloggers and facebook groups that create amazing content but I have always felt there was something lacking.

This is where I come in. I want to be able to provide the content I have found is lacking. For this though, I want to enlist my good friend Alicia to help me as this task is way too big for just myself.

We want to provide ways of being a pinup or vintage wearer without spending the earth.We also want to try and interview pinups and vintage lovers who have been in the industry and community for some time, with the aim of showing the amazing community and finding out just how easy it is to start yourself!

Ultimately we want it easy to add some vintage flare into every day life.

Let us know what you would like to see us do in the comments. You never know, it could end up on this blog!


Weekend Reads

Weekends are always a time for me to finish my training for the week, have brunch with kitty and read some good books.

The books below are the current stack I am reading:


It – Stephen King

This I have been reading since the beginning of the year (end of last year?). The nice thing with this book is that it is always with me as an eBook, I can always be scared at any moment. I almost feel like this is the book I need to prioritize this weekend, just because of the time of year and the fact that I have been reading it for so long!


bridge of clay

Bridge of Clay – Markus Zusak

I have been waiting for this book for a while. Whilst I enjoyed the book thief, I preferred The Messenger from him more, and luckily for me this novel feels more in the same vein as the latter.

The story is set in Australia with the Dunbar Boys and the Murderer and is more of a character study than an exciting action packed novel. It’s so hard to describe this novel but it has enough in it to keep me going, enough that I can actually see me finishing this over the weekend even if it is close to 600 pages!

What are you reading this weekend?



Week 1 Done

Starting a journey is always difficult, but this one was a little less so. Taking things one step at a time has helped me be more aware of what I am putting into my mouth. Still isn’t stopping me shoving chocolate in my mouth yet though!

Week 2 seems to be looking at what we have been eating and the alternate foods we could eat instead. I have already changed my prepackaged oats for a jar of rolled oats with freeze dried blueberries and pumpkin spice.

I am also thinking about how much milky coffee I am drinking since I started my new job and it needs to be reduced. Its gotten to up to 3 lattes a day!

I need to keep remembering that its only the beginning. I gotta keep on keeping on.

Time to get this under wraps

Lets talk about food. I am not the type of person to eat a salad every day, although I used to be at some point in time. At this time of the year in the southern hemisphere all I want to eat is cottage pie, sausage casserole, roast dinners, pasta (I LOVE pasta!). It is so hard to get motivated to eat well.

The only problem is im starting to not fit my clothes. Not only that but I feel fatigued and sore all the time. I have even taken to having naps in my car some days. Im constantly trying to keep ontop of flare ups with my recurring glandular fever.

This time I say no more!

I have started a journey with Renegade Performance that will take me to just before christmas to complete. Its a slow changing process aiming to build your knowledge and habits over a 4 month period.

After starting with the goal setting portion of the program, I can say my goals are not weight oriented for the first time.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Ill keep you guys posted.


Mindset is a becoming a big topic with athletes and high ranking CEO’s. Just look at all the motivational articles lurking about.

I have been struggling with mine recently. Self doubt and negative thoughts are rife, mostly with my training and with any areas feeling like I am letting people or myself down.

Trying to get ontop of this, I have been given the recommendation of reading “12 rules for life” by Jordan B Peterson. Just from the first chapter it has already changed my outlook and opinions.

Self authoring or journalling is a common way of reflecting on the incidents that happen within life and looking at things in a different perspective.

With the help of, I am starting to rifle through my thoughts and through my past to figure out the incidents that make me think the way I do now.

The main thing I have taken from these site, books and ideas is that things can change and what happened to you is not what defines you.

Things can change. If you need to talk to a physchologist. I promise its not as scary as you think.

Keep moving onwards and upwards.

Mental Battles

I have learnt so much over the past 3 weeks. I am worthy of my own love and compassion. Who I am now is not who I could be. What I am now is a product of how I grew up. Who made me who I am was coming from a good place. I am not angry at them.

I have so much. I have done so much. I am a wife. I am a friend. I have an amazing job and work for an amazing company. I am beating everyone on the couch who does not exercise, regardless of if I don’t get PB’s. I am strong, mentally and physically. I just need to keep changing the mental aspects and keep on keeping on.

It is tough. It will always be a struggle but I have friends and a partner that can help me. It will always be there with me, I have accepted that.

I am always trying to get better. I will always try to be better. I am learning to love myself and be content with myself. I know that it will not always be easy. I am OK with that.

I am Sandra, and I have anxiety and depression, but I am not defined by these labels and you shouldn’t be either.


So I am an avid reader. I have been since I was introduced to it as a child. We have recently purchased our own house and have been going through all of the boxes that we put away in a storage unit whilst we were flatting. In some of the boxes I found my old childhood books, such as winnie the pooh and the Grimm Fairy Tales.

I find that books give me so much joy. Being able to drift away to different worlds whilst being planted in a comfy bed or chair with a hot cup of tea or coffee, is the ultimate relaxation for me.

My favourite genre has to be fantasy with a splash of mystery, horror and literary.

I am currently reading Witchsign by Den Patrick. From the first couple of chapters it has drawn me in and I just want to keep reading no matter where I am.

Are there any particular books or genres you enjoy?


Foxy Socks xx