So I am an avid reader. I have been since I was introduced to it as a child. We have recently purchased our own house and have been going through all of the boxes that we put away in a storage unit whilst we were flatting. In some of the boxes I found my old childhood books, such as winnie the pooh and the Grimm Fairy Tales.

I find that books give me so much joy. Being able to drift away to different worlds whilst being planted in a comfy bed or chair with a hot cup of tea or coffee, is the ultimate relaxation for me.

My favourite genre has to be fantasy with a splash of mystery, horror and literary.

I am currently reading Witchsign by Den Patrick. From the first couple of chapters it has drawn me in and I just want to keep reading no matter where I am.

Are there any particular books or genres you enjoy?


Foxy Socks xx

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