Mindset is a becoming a big topic with athletes and high ranking CEO’s. Just look at all the motivational articles lurking about.

I have been struggling with mine recently. Self doubt and negative thoughts are rife, mostly with my training and with any areas feeling like I am letting people or myself down.

Trying to get ontop of this, I have been given the recommendation of reading “12 rules for life” by Jordan B Peterson. Just from the first chapter it has already changed my outlook and opinions.

Self authoring or journalling is a common way of reflecting on the incidents that happen within life and looking at things in a different perspective.

With the help of selfauthoring.com, I am starting to rifle through my thoughts and through my past to figure out the incidents that make me think the way I do now.

The main thing I have taken from these site, books and ideas is that things can change and what happened to you is not what defines you.

Things can change. If you need to talk to a physchologist. I promise its not as scary as you think.

Keep moving onwards and upwards.

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