Weekend Reads

Weekends are always a time for me to finish my training for the week, have brunch with kitty and read some good books.

The books below are the current stack I am reading:


It – Stephen King

This I have been reading since the beginning of the year (end of last year?). The nice thing with this book is that it is always with me as an eBook, I can always be scared at any moment. I almost feel like this is the book I need to prioritize this weekend, just because of the time of year and the fact that I have been reading it for so long!


bridge of clay

Bridge of Clay – Markus Zusak

I have been waiting for this book for a while. Whilst I enjoyed the book thief, I preferred The Messenger from him more, and luckily for me this novel feels more in the same vein as the latter.

The story is set in Australia with the Dunbar Boys and the Murderer and is more of a character study than an exciting action packed novel. It’s so hard to describe this novel but it has enough in it to keep me going, enough that I can actually see me finishing this over the weekend even if it is close to 600 pages!

What are you reading this weekend?



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