Change is good

When you have finally finished your project and been told that you are graduating, it is the best feeling ever. Three years of part time study along with full time work and training is draining, but it is so fulfilling when you finally hold that piece of paper in your hands.

Excited pug

This graduation leaves me with more free time. More time to dedicate to myself, my family and my friends. I am able to read again! I am able to go out with my husband without having to feel guilty about my studying or lack there of. I am also able to dedicate more time to this blog.

I have been dipping my toe into the pin-up and vintage community for a while now. I love op-shopping and finding vintage clothes that actually fit me, not like the clothing in your mainstream shops.

One thing I noticed when starting to look into the community is the lack of guidance for new pin-ups and vintage enthusiasts in the form of a magazine or content that I would want to see.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of amazing bloggers, vloggers and facebook groups that create amazing content but I have always felt there was something lacking.

This is where I come in. I want to be able to provide the content I have found is lacking. For this though, I want to enlist my good friend Alicia to help me as this task is way too big for just myself.

We want to provide ways of being a pinup or vintage wearer without spending the earth.We also want to try and interview pinups and vintage lovers who have been in the industry and community for some time, with the aim of showing the amazing community and finding out just how easy it is to start yourself!

Ultimately we want it easy to add some vintage flare into every day life.

Let us know what you would like to see us do in the comments. You never know, it could end up on this blog!

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