Will eating more veggies an fruit help?

For the past 3+ years my body has had infection after infection.

I had a scare of sleep aponea at one point which took me down the road of the sleep test and trying out a machine before the test started. Thankfully it turned out I don’t need it. What happens instead is I don’t get enough REM sleep. This is typically when I sleep on my back.

So what I needed was to go to an ENT. I’m still waiting on this… (yay for public health care 🙃)

As of this year alone, I have been sick 3 times (not including christmas which would make it 4!). It’s not like I am not trying to keep healthy either.

From the beginning of this year, I have started eating more veggies and fruit, but from my health it seems to be doing the opposite to what I thought it would do!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to keeping up my immune system that I could add into my day to day?

At this point I am ready to try anything!

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