Managing your injuries

Following on from my previous article, I am not all well at the moment. In fact, my husband has told me I am broken. Since that last post, I have had the flu, gotten my appointments for the ENT and respiratory unit, and had an MRI on my left hip that has shown I have a 2 cm labrum tear.

The good news is, is that I still have cartilage around my hip and the labrum has not pulled away significantly. Bad news is, I need to buy new shoes for the winter to not have an aching hip all the time.

My training has changed a bit too. I went from squatting all of my lifts to doing only power cleans and snatches. I am starting to incorporate more deadlifts than squats to try and build up my legs a bit more and keep the strength in them. This week was the first week of deadlifts every training day and boy did I feel it after only the second day!

Whilst I have dropped off from doing Crossfit and most weightlifting accessories due to all of my illnesses, I am still trying to get a good workout in when I can. Heck I might even do a modified Murph this upcoming Thursday for Anzac Day.

How do you deal with your injuries?

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