What’s Caught My Eye

I have a mount tbr (to be read), so this post really doesn’t help me, but there are sooo many good books that I wan’t to read.

A small novella (which is the only reason I have bought it!).

“Adriane is an astronaut on an extrasolar research vessel. She and her fellow crewmates sleep between worlds and wake up each time with different features. Her experience is one of fluid body and stable mind and of a unique perspective on the passage of time. Back on Earth, society changes dramatically from decade to decade, as it always does.”

This sounds like a seriously good perspective book, driven by the character rather than the plot. If her previous series is anything to go by, this will be an awesome story that will leave you wanting more.

I mean it’s Stephen King. No other reason than that for me to pick it up.

This is another story that contains children who are stolen from their parent and put in a room exactly like there own in this institute. These kids have their telekinesis and telepathy powers extracted from them without realising it. It’s another good vs. evil novel, but knowing Stephen King, it’ll be a good one.

Even more reads catching my eye..

Happy Reading!

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