Are Kiwi Authors Hiding?

I just picked up a new book by Elizabeth Knox on a whim whilst out to get coffee.

When I read the blurb before buying it, it stated that it was a book about journeys. It passes through London, Norfolk (my home county) and through to Auckland, New Zealand (my current home). From this and it’s fantastical story, I had to pick it up. It just sounded too good!

When I look at the Author bio, I notice she lives in Wellington!

Another book I would like to read is Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. Whilst scrolling through a friends Facebook posts, someone mentions that she’s originally from Auckland. From my old high school no less!

It seems that typically stories that are set in New Zealand or have some part of the story that is set in New Zealand, the author typically comes from, or has lived in the country at some point.

What is interesting to me is that as a country we want to support local authors and local businesses, but to ensure the book gets picked up in international markets (and even local markets in some instances) they don’t seem to mention that the authors are Kiwi’s? It is only when they are big and make it in the market, do we then hear they are from New Zealand. In the case of Tamsyn Muir, I had no idea!

What do you think? Are we a culture of being to scared to call out our successes? Do we want to sabotage our authors? Or are we doing it to protect them in an already cut throat industry? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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