Bookstores and Expectations

I am a book lover that LOVES going into a bookstore, whether for old or new books, and looking for hours and hours at the titles. The thrill of the hunt (especially in secondhand bookstores) seem to be a draw for me to get me into the store. The only issue I have, at least in New Zealand, is the limited books available.

Don’t get me wrong, but all of the big and well known literary fiction is front and centre with all of the stores. Whitcoulls, Poppies, Paper Plus and all independant stores are amazing for this but throw in a fantasy/sci fi section (even horror and mystery) and none come close to holding any of the big international names.

I can’t think of how many times I have stepped into my local Whitcoulls and looking for a specific title that came out in the past week to not finding it on the shelves. I then have to try and find it online, pay shipping and wait 1 – 6 days for it to arrive, or purchase it from Book Depository and wait 2 weeks.

From my experience Paper Plus seems to be the best for the fantasy genre but they still don’t come close to my expectations, and don’t even mention Poppies to me. I have been into one Auckland store and became confused when I saw a very small fiction section. They seem to be more of a stationary and non fiction or specialist bookshop. I’m not knocking that, but it’s just not what I am looking for.

The closest I have found is Unity Books in the CBD and Time Out in Mount Eden. These seem to have most of the SFF books that I would love to read, and if need be you can always ask to see if they can get it in for you. Not to mention, they just have that cosy feel to them. My only gripe is their location. Whilst it is convienient for some, it is not for me but it does allow me to make a day of it.

What do you think? Is there anywhere you like to go to bookshop? Can you find what you want easily? Let me know!

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