Book Review – All Our Secrets

By Jennifer Lane – Mystery/Crime

All our secrets is set in a small town in Australia, Coongahoola with the Bagoola river running through it. The river children, that were born in the aftermath of the infamous River Picnic, start to go missing one after the other.

Hundreds of believers (termed “the Bleeders”) also turn up in the chaos and make a camp next to the river, buying up most of the town and turning the residents to their beliefs and ways.

This is an intriguing read and look into small town thoughts and ways through the eyes of a pre-teen female in a broken and poor home that try to make the best out of every situation. I really enjoyed the portrayal of a pre-teen going through some issues at home and the thoughts and feelings that come with the issues and day to day life.

Whilst this was written by a Kiwi author, it was more inline with Australian food, speech and things that Auzzies just grow up with. It almost gets to the point of alienating any other cultures. I can see why some wouldn’t understand what some references mean.

What really got me thinking, was how dumb can one kid be? Can she really be that naive? Maybe its because I have listened to too many true crime podcasts, but it seems really strange that a pre-teen girl cannot connect two dots.

Up till this stage this book was a 4 doughnut book, but I had to deduct one doughnut for this and the events following. It almost made me want to suspend my belief.

3 doughnuts!

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