Book Review – Chernobyl

by Svetlana Alexievich – Non Fiction

“ Is there anything more frightening than people? ”

When I was a child, I vaguely remember hearing something about the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant and how it changed the USSR almost the world. I wanted to learn more about it since the TV show aired, and I listened to the podcast to hear from the directors point of view.

Within the podcast, they talked about how this book gave them information about what truely happened from the people that lived through it. I knew I had to read it.

It is a short but poinient book. From the wife of a firefighter, liquidators that were brought into clean up, citizens that are just there to farm and provide food, each and every person has a story and a unique view that has been put down on paper for the world to read.

You can see the influence and ideas used for the mini tv show but whilst you get to see snippets of the lives people lived, it focused more on the political views and how the powers that govern the country and scare/brainwash the country into doing what they want want them to do. They didn’t want the world knowing about the incident that could potentially ruin the world.

This book gives and insiders view to what it was like to live in these times. It has always been said that it is better to learn from someone who lived the experience than reading from a textbook, as you don’t ever get all the nuance and emotions of the time from reading about the situation as you do from the person.

For any one who is interested in the incident or wants to learn more about what it was like living in the USSR, this book is a must read.

5 Doughnuts!

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