Review – The Whisper Man

By Alex North – Thriller/Mystery

“The devil finds work for idle hands. Bad thoughts find empty heads”

Imagine your child stating they heard a whisper coming through the window. Not only that but on another night, you find them opening the door to someone talking to them through the letterbox in the door. All of this after kids have been going missing then coming up dead.

The whisper man plays with your heart and your head whilst giving you a paranormal feel. All of this culminates to a quick fast paced read and leaves you feeling satisfied with the ending. Sure its not the most twisty, turney plot but does that really matter when its a refreshing and satisfying read?

I will note that I didn’t remember much of this one once I started my next book but it was one I was happy I have read and would be a great read for a readathon or weekend when all you want is a engrossing read.

I am purposefully not putting in a lot of information about the plot as I really don’t want to give too much away but I think that is the same for most thrillers and crime books. It is just better to go in without knowing the plot, but having an understanding of the idea of the book.

4 doughnuts!

XOXO – The British Doll

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