Review – Sanctuary

By V.V.James – Mystery

” Sanctuary’s the sort of place that’s good at making you feel not good enough. “

I have searched and searched for something about this author but I cannot find anything. All I know is that it does not read like a first novel. I believe this was written by a seasoned author. But of course i’m not completely sure.

Set in small town America, this world has and uses the help of witches. I could see parallels of how the witches were treated in this as to how some of us treat our minorities. It provided me with a sense of fear for how these people were treated. It reminded me of a caged animal and how they use that fear at any chance they can to escape the situation they find themselves in.

As if you couldn’t tell from the description above, I found this story compelling and cleverly crafted. The descriptions used painted a vivid scene that I could immediately understand what was happening and have the foresight to see what could happen at the same time.

Whilst I guessed the ending from the middle of the novel, that did not take anything away from the experience. I actually think that this was partially intended.

If you are a fan of witch novels that have one foot in reality, I recommend you pick this one up.

4 doughnuts!

XOXO – The British Doll

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