Quarantine Reading

An apt image from New York for this year in general.

Well isn’t this a little strange. 80 percent of us are stuck at home with nothing to do… well almost nothing. I am still working from home. Being in marketing, my job never stops but it does slow down a bit. With Easter coming up and with more time on my hands with 2 hours added back to my day now that I don’t have to travel anywhere, I am reading more than I have before.

It seems like everyone is having that same epiphany (“I can read so much more!”), but do we have more time?

With as much time as we have on our hands, is it making us not want to read? Are we wanting to binge Netflix instead?

I have managed to finish The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson recently and have already picked up The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith and I must admit, I am loving this. It just what is hitting the spot at the moment. But I am only reading around 50 pages at a time.

Whilst this is not a bad thing, do I want to read more? Yes. Would I like not to work? Also yes, but at the same time it is still bringing me in money and keeping my brain active and linked to what I need to do at work.

At least all of those books I bought before lockdown is still in my bedroom right? And I am also sooo excited for Easter!

Tell me down below (or share your youtube channel with me) with the books you have read so far in this Quarantine!

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