Review – The Silkworm

By Robert Galbraith – Mystery

“The whole world’s writing novels, but nobody’s reading them.”

Reflecting on the first mystery from this series, I feel like this was more well rounded and more fleshed out. You had the element of the mystery but you also learnt so much more about Cormoran and Robin. You got to see their professional relationship progress so much more to become stable and well rounded.

I was skeptical at first picking up a J.K.Rowling novel that was not set in the Harry Potter world as I wasn’t sure if the genre would suit her writing or if she would fit into the type of writing needed for a mystery title.

I was pleasantly surprised though as the first novel was the best starting point she could create for her series. Whilst not being my favourite story, it did keep me entertained and I read it so fast that I am not sure why I have been putting this one off. It is a gripping read with a twist that I was not expecting. Definitely one to pick up and continue the series.

4 doughnuts!

XOXO – The British Doll

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