7 Weeks of Hell

My coach recently put me on one of the hardest deadlift programs out there around 7 weeks ago. When I first started, my deadlift was 108kg/238lbs. Throughout the 7 weeks there was many tears shed, lots of penguin walks and much over eating to be had. At the beginning of this week I pulled 125kg/275lbs …

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Will eating more veggies an fruit help?

For the past 3+ years my body has had infection after infection. I had a scare of sleep aponea at one point which took me down the road of the sleep test and trying out a machine before the test started. Thankfully it turned out I don't need it. What happens instead is I don't …

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Mindset is a becoming a big topic with athletes and high ranking CEO's. Just look at all the motivational articles lurking about. I have been struggling with mine recently. Self doubt and negative thoughts are rife, mostly with my training and with any areas feeling like I am letting people or myself down. Trying to …

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